Why you should get to know Th!rd Act Faith

By Pat Almonrode and Ace Leveen, Co-facilitators

We work to protect and restore both our fragile climate and our endangered democracy. As the Interfaith Working Group for Third Act, we intend to bring the wisdom, insight, and moral authority of our many faith and spiritual traditions, and the experience we’ve gathered over our 60+ years, to bear in this important work. As our Call to Action puts it:

These are times of great peril: our democratic institutions are under assault; mistrust, division, deception, greed, and inequality are rampant; the land and the very sky are burning and the waters that sustain all life are drying up in some places and flooding in others.

In the face of such urgent calamity, it is more important than ever to offer a strong and clear faith-based perspective to the work of restoring and protecting our climate and our democracy. Within and across our faith traditions, we will work to prayerfully discern how to be of service in these efforts.

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